035 What is The Best Use of Your Time?

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Time is not an infinite resource; we only have so many hours, days, months, and years. Today Larry teaches the audience about how to wisely budget your time so you’re more effective in your investing and making the bigger monthly checks. Unlike what the traveling gurus will crow at the top of their lungs, real estate investing is not a part-time, high profit field. It requires long hours and working times outside of the normal 9-5 so you can access the sellers who work those 9-5 jobs.

A large part of using your time wisely is having a thorough understanding of your target market, whether it’s commercial, single family, multi-family, etc. You need to understand what materials are going to be well received by your market or you’ve wasted time AND money.

The key to getting the best bang for both your buck and your time? Understanding your incoming tenants or buyers, and that real estate investing often demands hours outside the norm. But that’s when the greatest rewards are earned.