036 Collecting Your Back Rent with Cynthia Schmidt

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Today Larry is joined by Cynthia Schmidt, landlord and creator of the “Collect Back Rent” system. This system is a must for anyone who is a landlord or looking to become a landlord by walking them through the eviction and judgment process so even when your tenant doesn’t pay, you still get your money. Currently there is over $19 billion in outstanding judgments, and over 70% of those judgments are easily able to make their way into the landlord’s pockets.

Many landlords forget that their business is a BUSINESS and let their tenants take advantage of them with excuses. Landlords need to be firm with their 3 Day Pay or Quit notices; this protects them from losing their income and from tenants who are only too eager to put off paying their rent for as long as possible.

Landlords are spending their time following the lead of their tenants instead of vice versa. If you allow your tenants to slide constantly, this will only end up hurting you with your lenders, sellers, and financial friends who you’ve promised their return every month.

The “Collect Back Rent” system teaches landlords the proper procedure for their state, including the 3-day notice, how to file evictions, and how to recover your money in the discovery phase in court. The system includes your individual state’s procedures and paperwork.

To find out more about the Collect Back Rent system, visit Cynthia’s website here: http://www.larryharbolt.com/collectnow