041 How to Profit with Lease Option as an Exit Strategy

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After my recent podcast on the inner workings of the Subject-To deal, people have been asking me relentlessly about how to do “Lease-Option” exit strategies in their deals. Today we’re going to cover how you can do your own Lease-Option deals, or as it’s more commonly known, the “rent-to-own”.

If a property has been on the market for many months, it has a mortgage, and the seller doesn’t live in it, then there’s a good chance that the sellers are making two mortgage payments. If they’ve renovated the property, you’ll often find that sellers are reluctant to put in tenants for cashflow if they can put it on the market and sell it for top dollar. But if it sits on the market for months, they’re continuing to lose money every month it doesn’t sell. This is where the Lease-Option comes into play to help ease their financial pain and help you gain control of the property.

The Lease-Option allows the tenant to lease the property now and gives them an option to purchase the property at a later time under a certain set of circumstances. This gives you, the investor, control of the property and the option to put it under your corporation or a land trust down the road when you exercise your option.

For a FREE copy of my Lease-Option cheat sheet, go to http://www.larryharbolt.com/leaseoption.

Happy investing!