043 Analyzing Deals Does Not Have to Be Difficult

Analyzing Deals

Analyzing Deals

If you want to truly build wealth and create freedom for you and your family, then you need to learn and understand how to analyze a deal. Here are just a few of the steps to get you started on the road to your first property:

  1. What is your WHY?
  2. What price ranges fit your goals/needs?
  3. What is your plan with the property?
  4. What are the repair costs for the property?
  5. How much will the property rent for in that neighborhood?
  6. What materials will you use based on the price range of the property?
  7. Which contractor will do the best quality work without bankrupting you?
  8. Make sure you check the numbers and the numbers tell you it’s a good deal.

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Good Luck and Happy Investing!

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