050 Making Money Out of Thin Air with Notes – Part 1

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Today’s episode is one of my more exciting ones: making money out of thin air. It’s not a hoax or a scam, but a viable way to create deals without taking money from your own pocket. It’s never really about the numbers or the asset: every deal is built on the foundation of a promise. A buyer creates a formal promise to a seller that they need to fulfill, and that’s where every deal begins.

There are different types of promises that we make to sellers when we create a deal for their property. We use promises such as:

  • The Purchase Agreement, which is a mutual promise between the seller and the buyer.
  • There is also the Promissory Note, which many college students or anyone who has ever taken out a loan will recognize.
  • Next is the Mortgage, which details the repercussions if the promise is not kept (the Mortgage is not paid).
  • There is also the Lease Agreement, detailing the stipulations of the lease during its term.
  • An Option to Purchase is a promise that the buyer will buy the property down the road at today’s price.
  • A Land Contract and a Contract for Deed.

Once you understand that EVERYTHING you do is a promise, then you’ll understand your integrity is on the line. In negotiations, you’re showing the sellers that you’re a person of integrity who can keep your promises. That’s how the best deals are made.

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