063 Why Manners Matter

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If you want to have any success in real estate investing, you need to listen up to today’s episode. Recently I went to the mall to pick some things up, and as I was walking across the street from the parking lot to go inside, a car came at me. It was a younger person, and instead of waiting for me to cross, they just swerved around me and high-tailed it out of there. They didn’t say “Excuse me,” “Pardon me”, or even “Go to hell.”

What amazing manners!

If you don’t have manners, you will get NOWHERE with sellers. When you sit down with people to talk with them, if you don’t have manners they will already be closed off to you. It doesn’t matter what age you are, you need to understand basic etiquette to win their approval. It’s about being mindful of their feelings and showing respect for them inviting you into your home and of their time.

Another big issue of etiquette: if you are going to be late, make sure you call and let them know that you’ll be late. This is showing that you respect the fact they took time out of their day to talk with you. They didn’t HAVE to do this, but they liked you enough to do it. Make sure you don’t disappoint them.

Without basic manners, your negotiation is going to go straight down the toilet. It’s not hard to be nice and show courtesy, and it’ll get you FAR in this industry.

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Good Luck and Happy Investing!