077 The Reality of Goals and How to Achieve Them

The Reality of Goals and How to Achieve Them

The Reality of Goals and How to Achieve Them


Today I’d like to talk about an easy way you can begin to increase your income, and that is by creating a list of goals. One of my best mentors was a man by the name of Jim Rohn. Jim changed the way I thought about my goals and my business. He pushed us to put a list on the wall in our office that we could see every day. He called this our “Silent Seminar”.

The first thing on your list of goals has to be how to increase your income. You need to write these out so you can actually visualize what you’re looking for. Would you take a vacation without a destination in mind? No, you would know exactly where you’re going, and it’s the same with goals.

Without a list of goals, your bank balance is most likely fairly low. Without goals, you don’t have a plan. You need a plan in order to change your life, and most importantly, change yourself. You are the problem that is holding you back, nothing else.

We don’t get more time than what we’re given. We can create more money, more possessions, even more love, but we can’t create more time. You only get those 24 hours in a day; you can’t negotiate more time. So use your time wisely and with a plan to achieve your goals.

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Nothing in your life will change until you change.

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