092 Reflections on How To Never Step Into A Bank

Reflections on How To Never Step Into A Bank

Reflections on How To Never Step Into A Bank

For those who want to be able to make deals without having to get financed through a bank, there are different ways to do this. There are steps every investor should take in order to never step into a bank.

  1. Find properties no one else is looking at. The MLS isn’t a good place to start because that’s where everyone looks. You’re seeing the leftovers.
  2. Analyze every property to be sure it’s something you really want based on the numbers and location. Make sure you consider all repairs that need to be made. It’s important to be able to walk away from a deal if it’s not a good deal.
  3. You must know how to successfully negotiate with every seller you meet. Go in with confidence and find commonalities to talk about.
  4. Learn how to make offers on various types of properties. You can become a seasoned investor if you know how to make offers your competition doesn’t know how to do. Being able to make several different offers to the same seller is vital to your success.

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