095 Why Wait For Wealth

Why Wait For Wealth

Why Wait For Wealth

I heard something years ago that made no sense to me because I thought I was just going to go out and buy houses. I was too busy to stop and think about the profound aspects that would have a huge impact on my success down the road. The gurus that charged me three to five thousand dollars for their seminar got me very excited to work hard at being a real estate investor. The problem is I went home with no more knowledge than I went in with, even though I had an appetite to learn. With not knowing everything I need to, I was in a constant struggle to learn.

So the statement I heard was “Don’t wait to buy real estate. Buy real estate and wait.” At the time it didn’t make an ounce of sense but if I had listened to those simple words, I would be miles and millions ahead of where I am today. I never had the complete picture of what it takes to be successful. I thought I could only buy the properties I had the money at that moment to buy.

Now, years later, I have the knowledge and experience I needed. I can buy an unlimited amount of properties if I do it creatively. Sharing that info with others is why I do this podcast. I don’t want you to have to go through what I did to get to where I am.

Giving you all the information you need, I show you how to allow tenants to pay for the property.  

Owning income properties that someone else pays for will create lifelong wealth where flipping houses will not.

Don’t wait to buy real estate until you have money. For more tips and information, visit http://larryharbolt.respond.ontraport.net/register to get your free phone script on how to make a deal over the phone.


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