099 Clues in the News About Ripping Off Sellers

Clues in the News About Ripping Off Sellers

Clues in the News About Ripping Off Sellers

The news media is great about sharing stories about shady real estate investors. But what they don’t focus on at all is many investors help sellers during certain circumstances. Yes, there are some scammers who don’t treat sellers right, but that’s not every single investor.

When properties aren’t in top condition, they can’t be sold for top dollar. This doesn’t mean an investor is taking advantage of someone who hasn’t taken the best care of the home. It means they are offering a fair price so that they can then fix the property, which can be a major expense.

Investors shouldn’t be looked upon as a crook for offering a fair price for a property that needs repairs. On the other hand, sellers need to understand that investors are buying the house as an investment, not as a home to live in. There’s not an emotional attachment in investment properties. So investors need to explain this to sellers so they will understand that the sole purpose of the deal is for the investor to make money.

When a seller is older and their home is paid off, they may be thinking more about being able to live month to month when they are retired. If you offer to pay them every month or several months at a time, they might be willing to sell the property at a fair price. Instead, you could offer them a timeshare or a sliver of land. As long as you show them you’re not trying to rip them off, they will be more open to selling to you.

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