105 Deals You Need To Understand


Deals You Need To Understand

Deals You Need To Understand

There are so many different ways to make offers based on the property and the seller’s needs. You have to learn how to think through deals and learn something new in each situation.

For example, a real estate investor wanted to buy a condo as a rental property but the complex had a rule that a buyer must live in the property or it must be vacant for a year before they can rent it out. The seller had lived in the property for several years so he could rent the property. So the investor’s offer was contingent on the seller renting the property to someone the investor approved of. Then the investor bought the property one year later.

Most people would never think of something creative like this to make the deal work. Investors who aren’t willing to sit down and talk to people and find out what the seller really needs won’t be able to create these types of deals.

In addition to being creative, you have to learn from other investors various ways to get deals accepted. There are so many mentors you can learn from. They will help you understand that this is a people business, not a money business. Making offers without facetime with a seller just won’t work.

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