108 Wholesaler Tips for Beginners


Wholesaler Tips for Beginners


So many people try to define the real estate market instead of becoming a smart real estate investor. Timing doesn’t matter if you are creative in the type of deals you look for and look beyond pretty houses and wholesaling. The economic state of the market won’t hold power over you if you understand where to find the best type of properties for investment.

Investors who buy and fix up homes have to know where to find the houses where people want to live. They also must know how to close a deal and sell the property, which works best when the economy is good.

To wholesale, build a buyer’s list with people who’ve prequalified. Ask them to show you how many properties they’ve bought already. Make sure they have done their homework and are ready to buy your property at wholesale. Make sure your price is accurate and will cover all repair cost while giving you a small fee. If your numbers aren’t good, you won’t get any wholesalers to buy your property and you won’t develop a good reputation as a real estate investor.

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