116 Is Education Expensive?

Is Education Expensive?

Is Education Expensive?

In their quest to become a qualified real estate investor and actually make money, so many people think education is expensive and don’t pursue it. However, ignorance is more expensive than not knowing what you’re doing. When I started out, I was cheap and ignored education because I thought I could learn everything I needed to be successful by going to real estate meetings and being around like-minded people. But I never got everything I needed at those meetings. I met lots of great people and enjoyed my time there, but I never learned their inner secrets to success.

Not wanting to spend money to learn what you really need is a dumb move and a huge mistake. It could take more than 30 years to learn the hard way what someone who’s experienced has gone through. If you don’t have the logic and reasoning that’s involved in real estate investing, you won’t make it.

Many people don’t think it’s acceptable to spend money on real estate investing education but it’s fine to spend thousands on a college education. You have to change your mindset. True knowledge in your career can be just as valuable to you as another type of education.

As a beginner, I didn’t know how to figure out the numbers and I made so many mistakes. Not being knowledgeable about what numbers to figure cost me lots of money. Now I know exactly what amounts and expected figures I need to calculate. I share those details on this episode.

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