119 Shift Your Thinking with Dr. Ron Eccles

Shift Your Thinking with Dr. Ron Eccles

Shift Your Thinking with Dr. Ron Eccles

On today’s episode, Dr. Ron Eccles shares why you must shift your thinking. Also known as the “Success Doctor”, Ron specializes in life and business coaching with a focus on changing the way you perceive and think about your world and your ability to be successful in it. One of the nation’s top experts on achieving success in all aspects of your life, Dr. Ron Eccles, hit #1 on two Amazon.com Best Seller Lists.

Ron explains how to be the best version of yourself as Ron explains what happened that radically changed his life and let to him becoming a real estate investor. When he discovered how to create wealth, he realized his true passion and skill set. At his first real estate speaking engagement, others saw his ability to coach and teach others. Within three days, they helped him develop a coaching program to sell at the event.

When this happened, his drive changed because he saw how valuable this skill set was to others. He had to learn to take what was given to him and push them as far as he could so they could grow. So he shifted from being a real estate investor to teaching others how to be successful.

Ron learned to pay attention to real estate investors over the past 36 years and recognized a success pattern, which is if you want to build a better business, you must build a better you. Here are some principles I teach that will lead to success:

  1. You have to get real about where you’re at.
  2. You have to figure out where you want to go.
  3. You have to develop the plan to get there.

If you would like to contact Ron to get more information about his coaching program, he can be reached at 484-515-4040  or drroneccles@gmail.com

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