123 – How To Deal With Tenant Drama with Anthony Green of Evictions Plus

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On today’s episode, Anthony Green, owner of Evictions Plus, shares important tips for dealing with the inevitable drama that comes from renting to tenants. According to Anthony, the background check is probably the most important step to mitigating your losses before they hit you. Tenants lie and you will be surprised at the stories you will hear.

The lease is also very important to protecting yourself, it doesn’t matter what state you’re in. Maintenance can be extremely expensive so having an indemnity clause that puts the maintenance expenses laid out as a tenant responsibility can prevent unscrupulous tenants from taking advantage of you. One of the tricks that Larry likes to use is walking the prospective tenant through the property and recording them confirming the condition of the property.

You have to vet your tenant before you rent to them. The credit report only shows that the person is capable of paying off their credit cards, the important thing you want to know is whether the person is keeping a roof over their heads or if they have a history of being evicted. When it comes to asking questions, there is a lot you can’t ask, but there are ways to find out what you need to know specifically things like full legal name and birthday. Anthony won’t run a background check without the tenant’s drivers license.

In addition to the lease and the background check, Anthony also talks about pet regulations, service animals and emotional support animals, as well as the issues you may face in starting the eviction process. For more info and lease templates, you can check out Anthony’s website at https://evictionsplus.com.