125 Where is The Opportunity?

Where is Opportunity

If you can’t seem to find any properties to buy, you have to stop looking where everybody else is looking. In today’s episode of the Real Deal Real Estate Show, Larry talks about where to find the best properties to buy and how to find them.

Larry talks to people all the time that don’t even have the money to survive, that think they’re going to find a half million dollar property and that will solve all their problems. You have to cut your teeth with smaller properties first to establish the foundation that will get you started. Especially when it comes to contractors, experience is key. Without the experience to know what needs to be done you’re essentially giving the contractor free reign on what to charge.

There are hundreds of ways to make money on real estate, you have to use whatever you can to put a deal together. Every offer you make has four components parts and each one can be adjusted to make sure the deal makes sense for you and the seller. Being able to make your deals work is real power. If you want to change the way you make offers forever, check out the four day Never Step Into A Bank bootcamp to learn how.

There are only four kinds of single-family houses: houses in foreclosure, houses you don’t want but could make money from, houses you can fix and sell, and long term income properties. Every house you look at will fall into one of those four types and if you can make offers on each type, you will make money.

If you want to make money from the properties around you, you have to realize that opportunities are everywhere if you know how to make the right offers on them.

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