147 – Alan Cowgill on Systems

Alan Cowgill on Systems

Systems are the missing link in most real estate investors strategies. There are better things to do than waste your time and the way you avoid chaos in your business is with systems and checklists.

When Alan got into real estate he didn’t have any systems in his business, so he looked around the world for direction on what to implement. He found Michael Gerber’s E-Myth Academy and after spending five years working with Michael’s team Alan had streamlined systems for every part of his business. 

There are 30 steps that you should always walk through when buying a house, which is why the checklist is so important. Skipping a step or doing them out of order will cost you money every single time. During this episode Alan goes into several different systems that he uses to reduce chaos in his business and accelerate the purchasing process including how he organizes his paperwork, how he hires people, and how he saves time making decisions about which property to buy.

When you implement the systems that are keys in your business it will change your life for the better. Without them you’re eroding your bottom line and creating chaos in your business that is very hard to overcome. You only have so much time in the day and implementing systems is how you become not only more efficient, you become more effective as well.

Go to privatelendingmadeeasy.com and click on Real Estate Management Made Easy to find out more about how you can implement Alan’s systems in your real estate business. You can also reach out to Alan at mkt@acowgill.com

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