150 – Private Money Tips With Alan Cowgill

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Raising money through private lenders is crucial to your success. This is why Alan Cowgill is back on the podcast, he’s on the show to share his tips on raising private money for your real estate deals in a way where everyone wins.

There are a number of ways that private lenders can benefit from having a way to invest their money outside of the traditional vehicles. The average person knows about the stock market and things like CD’s and the pitiful or risky returns that they offer, but they probably don’t understand real estate and how they can get a substantial return that is life changing from them. That’s where you as the real estate expert comes in.

One of the best parts is that you don’t need a mortgage broker license in order to do this. In many states you can get a private lender in the next 10 minutes. Think about what having your own private bank would do for your business and your life. Even when you understand seller financing, there are still advantages to having access to private money so that you don’t miss out on deals.

If you follow Alan’s scripts on how to talk to private lenders and knowing how this process works, can put millions of dollars in your pockets. The key to remember is that private lenders loan you money based on trust, which is why having the scripts memorized is crucial. 

If you want to contact Alan Cowgill and find out more about his systems you can reach him at 937-390-0816 or mkt@acowgill.com. You can also check out his website privatelendingmadeeasy.com.