152 – Why A Buyer’s Perspective Is Important

Why A Buyers Perspective Is Important

Do you have any idea where the most profit comes from every property you buy? Are you making the most profit possible for every property you buy?  

The reason you’re in the real estate business is to make as much profit as possible with the least amount of effort.  

Today, I don’t believe anyone ever thinks about the things buyers and renters are looking for. I believe most investors fail to stop to think about what it is about each property that will be the determining factor of what will give them the most profit if they buy the property. 

Something that has made a huge difference in how I recognize the highest and best use of each property I’m interested in buying is to imagine myself as if I would be the one who would be buying or renting the property. As crazy as it sounds, when you do this little exercise, it will surely give you a different and more focused perspective of what any buyer or renter will be looking for. 

When I see myself as if I would be the person who will be living in the house, I look at the house differently. I hope you will see that it will change your perspective and put you more in tune with your buyers and renters of today. 

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