156 – Mistakes You MUST Avoid and Why

Mistakes You Must Avoid and Why

Mistakes You Must Avoid and Why

During my 40 plus year career as a real estate investor, I have often thought about writing a book about all of the dumb mistakes I have made. I thought I would go over some of what many struggling investors are facing today that is holding them back and preventing them from doing very many deals.

I have met many investors who are so set in their ways that they are not willing to listen to anything you are doing different from what they are currently doing. I think this is a giant mistake!

Because of my lack of real estate education in my early years is the reason I made the mistakes I did. I want to share ideas of what I have learned over the years that I continue to see many investors doing that is non-productive and how to overcome continuing to do those same things if you will listen to what I have to say.

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