160 – Never Think You Are Taking Advantage of Any Seller

Never Think You Are Taking Advantage of Any Seller

Some investors don’t want to talk directly with sellers because feel they would be very uncomfortable negotiating directly face-to-face. Many feel if they offer any seller less than what they are asking for their property they would be insulting them.

What’s the worst any seller can say to any offer you make? Investors make low ball cash offers everyday through a real estate agent without feeling any guilt. I guess they feel bad making a low ball cash offer when they are face-to-face with the sellers because of the fear of seeing the seller’s reaction, and what the seller might say in anger to what the investor is offering.

No matter what you offer a seller it is impossible for you to take advantage of any seller by the offer you make. Because no matter what you offer any seller, no matter how ridiculous your offer is, the seller has the right to say NO!

Good Luck and Happy Investing.

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