65 Why I Do Not Invest in Stocks

Why I Do Not Invest in Stocks

Why I Do Not Invest in Stocks

Today I want to talk about a conversation I had recently with a stock market enthusiast. They were dumbfounded when I told them I didn’t invest in stocks and had no interest in doing so. My father lost money in the stock market during the Great Depression and lost almost $100,000 OVERNIGHT. The “expert” I talked with insisted stocks were going up and up and up, but markets eventually correct themselves.

The stock market is too volatile at the moment to get started in. I was told once, “Only a fool invests at the top”, and I believe that. Trying to invest at all-time highs is a fool’s errand. The people who will lose the most money are those buying high.

My father never lived long enough to recover from the stock market crash. But rest assured, after the Great Depression and the Recession in 2008, we’ve all learned that the market always turns. I can’t negotiate in stocks, but I can decide how to create extra income in my properties, add amenities, what areas to invest in, etc. I have all the control over what my returns are that are built solely on my own merits, not the whims of the Dow Jones.

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