98% of ALL Real Estate Investors Will Be Denied Bank Financing This Year!

Getting bank financing for real estate investors is no longer a reality. If you haven’t noticed real estate investing has had a major makeover, and not for the better. What this means for the real estate investor is affordable financing to buy houses probably isn’t going to be in the cards for you. Do you think you will be lucky and actually get a loan from a bank if you were to apply for one?  Are you still making offers to buy houses contingent on getting some type of institutional financing never knowing if you can actually get the loan or not? The worst thing I see everywhere I go are the idea that some investors believe they will be able to make their deals work and get the money they need to complete their transactions when I’m quite sure it isn’t going to happen the way it did in the past. Investors are finding it all but impossible to get institutional financing today. How do investors plan to pay for the properties they buy when it is almost impossible to get institutional financing? Unless investors have a friend with lots of money who is willing to fund their deals, all investors will slowly leave the business. Not a pleasant thought is it?

Here’s the problem… Some investors are going to use Hard-Money loans, if they can actually find a hard money lender or some type of a bridge loan to finance their deals and this is all wonderful provided the deal can endure the costs of the loans and still be able to give the investor a profit. For most investors using these types of loans just isn’t going to cut the mustard. Let me ask you, are you losing sleep at night worrying about how you will be able to pay your bills every month? Are you worried that you might lose everything you’ve worked so hard to acquire from years of hard work?

Have you heard the stories about other investors going just because they don’t have access to the funds they needed? It’s a simple fact there are hundreds of thousands of real estate investors across the country this year that won’t be in the business next year! Are you going to be one of them?

Do You Have a Plan How You Will Find Funding?

Do you currently have a plan how you will fund your deals or haven’t you worried about it yet? If you haven’t its time you did and the time is now! There is a solution to this problem. The solution I am talking about is what real estate investors have done to finance their deals for hundreds of years and today that very strategy is what smart investors will be using when everything they were previously doing no longer works.

Seller financing has been used for hundreds of years successfully and today it is quickly becoming the financing of choice for those selling their property that want a continual income stream for many years to come.

Because of only hearing about getting institutional financing most investors haven’t heard of seller financing and don’t know how to implement it. I have personally used seller financing to fund my deals for over 30 years and continues to use it today.

Did you know that, 30% to 40% of all of the houses in this country are FREE & CLEAR with no debt?

Many sellers who have free and clear properties don’t want all of their money at one time because of recapturing all of the depreciation they have claimed on their income tax return as well as all of the capital gains, or profit from the sale then take what is left and put it into a savings account or bank CD’s at less than 1%. This is not the best use of their money.

The following are a list of benefits Seller Financing can give not only the seller of the property but also you, the buyer.

Seller Financing Benefits You Can Count On!

  • No More Humiliating Loan Application Processes Just to Be Later Turned Down.
  • You Will Have A Distinct Advantage Over Other Investors In Your Area.
  • You Will Be Able to Buy Real Estate Even If You Are Bankrupt.
  • You Don’t Need Money or Good Credit to Profit from Real Estate.
  • You Can Create Huge Future Discounts When You Get Seller Financing Terms.
  • No More Credit Checks. Most Sellers Don’t Belong to A Credit Bureau.
  • With Seller Financing You Have Quick Closings and Lower Closing Costs.
  • You Can Use Seller Financing Terms to Get Quick Cash.
  • The Correct Wording in Your Paperwork Will Give You Non-Recourse Financing.
  • You Can Have Multiple Loans In Your Name and None Show on Your Credit Report.
  • The Seller Can Get What They Want Without Bank Approval.
  • You And The Seller Set The Rules, Not The Bank.
  • Overcome Almost Any Objections Before the Seller Has a Chance to Say a Word.
  • Seller Financing Deals Make Perfect Wholesale/Flip Deals.
  • You Can Get Long Term Income or Fast Cash – Whichever You Prefer.
  • You Will Be Able to Do More Deals With Less Money Which Means More Profits.
  • Seller Financing Deals Do Not Require Seasoning or a Large Down Payment.
  • You Will Never Have to Pay Points or Loan Fees Ever Again.
  • You Can Structure Creative Deals – By Using What You Want to Get What You Want.
  • Being Creative You Can Make More Profit Per Deal.
  • You Can Create Huge Profits Without Having Property Ownership.
  • If You Get Better Terms = Greater Profit.
  • This Is Creative Information Your Competition Doesn’t Know.

Learn how you will never need to “Step Into A Bank Again to Get A Loan to Buy Real Estate”.  Check out my Seller Financing Course entitled, “Creative Seller Financing”. You can also find numerous other courses available for everyone who is at different levels of knowledge about investing in real estate. What you’ll learn will be ideas and strategies you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Everything you will learn is cutting edge real estate investing strategies at its finest.