Are You Maximizing Your Educational Opportunities? #39

Maximizing Your Educational Opportunities

Maximizing Your Educational Opportunities

Today I’m talking with my audience about taking full advantage of your real estate investing education. Most beginning real estate investors believe the least expensive option for education is at real estate investor’s meetings; this is completely untrue. Many of these meetings simply peddle a product from a traveling guru.

I learned from the “School of Hard Knocks” and made a LOT of mistakes while learning. You have the luxury that you don’t have to do stumble around in the field; you can find fantastic education from top-notch investors.

You need quality information, from people who teach quality material. You need to decide what your budget is for education; if you don’t have a large budget, then there are resources out there that are incredibly affordable and can get you started right now.

You need to use your education, wherever it comes from, to find deals in the market that has significantly less traffic than other people. You should be talking with sellers and making multiple offers; remember, you’re working towards a deal  that’s good for your family and that is good for theirs.

Also, remember that networking is CRITICAL. You need to be making contacts and talking with other investors. These will be the people you’ll ask for advice, talk to about your market, or work with on deals you don’t want to keep but know they’ll want.

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