083 Do You Need to be Different?

Do You Need to Be Different?

Do You Need To Be Different?

Today, we’re going to talk about how conformity is why many people today aren’t successful. It is ruining our chances at a better life. Do you remember how when you were graduating from high school, you had dreams and plans about how you were going to change the world? Then, life set in. That’s the problem. Most people end up getting a stressful job they don’t enjoy that takes up so much of your time. They are told when they can take breaks and micromanaged. This type of job ends up souring many people because it puts such a limit on what you can do.

Another problem we face in our society today is that many people’s lives become stagnant because they are just so busy doing life. Our families consume a lot of our time, especially if you have children who are involved in activities. I recommend, as a father of six children, to go to those events.

But what I’m saying is your free time diminished as life goes on. Then what happens is people feel overwhelmed and pulled in many directions. Next, they are tired, worn out and not as passionate about pursuing dreams. They just conform and live their lives in the least way possible you can.

But you don’t have to conform. You don’t have to just do enough to get by. Real estate doesn’t have to consume your life but you do have to put some time into it. I want you to realize you don’t have to just be complacent. Remember your dreams. Use those dreams to get where you want to go.

To make your dreams come true, you need to understand that there are four types of single-family properties you can buy:

  1. Foreclosures
  2. Properties You Don’t Want – You can assign it to someone else after you fix it up and make a fee.
  3. Fix and Sell Resale – The problem is everyone is looking for these. So there is a shortage.
  4. Long-Term Income Properties – I prefer these because if you buy them right, it should never cost you anything.

Once you understand your options:

  • Make a buyers list for each of the properties you want to buy.
  • Learn how to make different offers because they are completely different for each of the four properties.
  • Know the highest invest use. Is it a house you can fix and rent? Is it a property you need to rent in a low-income area?

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