Going to Real Estate Meetings Can’t Teach You To Become an Investor. #27

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Real Estate Investor Associations (REIAs) seem like the ideal place for beginning investors to learn the fundamentals. However, these associations function more as a networking space where most of the attendees are significantly less successful than they appear. These members are desperately trying to find a deal and not concerned with educating themselves or you. That’s why you’re better off attending quality, specialized training and finding yourself a knowledgeable mentor.

Finding good quality education and mentors is a challenge in itself, however. There are plenty of “drive-through” gurus who come into town like the circus and are just as flamboyant. They promise the pie in the sky and expect you to pay with the stars. Many of these gurus aren’t really training investors; they’re training worker ants to go out and find deals for them to continue to fill their pockets.

Should you pay a mentor? Absolutely; an educator who has been in the field and is giving their time to help you has earned that right to be compensated for that time. However, it certainly shouldn’t cost a small fortune. These mentors, like Larry, are happy to share their time as a way to give back to the investing community. They will teach you by walking you through the process, and you will learn by actually doing. This is your key to success in our industry and our business.