057 How to Name Your Land Trusts

How to Name Your Land Trusts

How to Name Your Land Trusts


Today, I’d like to talk with you about something I think a lot of people are failing at in their investing business: naming their land trusts. Please note: I am NOT an attorney, but I do present a live event a few times a year where I teach people how to protect their real estate assets by placing them in a land trust.

I believe every investor who plans on keeping a property long-term should learn how to create a land trust. Once you know how, it takes very little time, effort, and money to put one together. The land trust can protect you from bottom-feeders, but it will NOT excuse you from paying your taxes to Uncle Sam.

There are two reasons to have your property in a land trust:

  1. Privacy: Anyone can go to the courthouse and look up the owner of a particular property.
  2. Estate planning: When you put a property into a land trust, you can pass a property to your contingent beneficiary and continue to protect them from prying eyes.

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