[Replay] 058 Why Wholesalers Will Never Get Rich

Why Wholesalers Will Never Get Rich

Why Wholesalers Will Never Get Rich

More and more people are getting into the market of real estate investing, but as the investing base grows, so does the number of “new” gurus. A lot of these gurus have a few deals under their belt and are pushing their students into getting started as a wholesaler. There’s nothing wrong with being a wholesaler, but the misleading part is the idea that wholesalers will make bank in this area of investing.

A wholesaler is someone who gets a property under contract, then turns around and sells that contract to another investor for a profit. They are being paid for putting the deal together, and once they get their profit, they’re out of the deal entirely. Sometimes a wholesaler will “pre-hab”, such as painting, landscaping, or putting on a new roof, to increase the value for the new investor who will take the contract over. I, personally, do not do “pre-habbing”; if I don’t want a property, I don’t want any more money than necessary tied up in it so I can assign the contract and move on to a deal I DO want.

If you’re buying, selling, and rehabbing a property, that is NOT wholesaling. Wholesaling is meant to be a way to get cash to pay your bills, build capital, or make a profit on a property you don’t want for yourself. There is ALWAYS a cost to using money, no matter how you use it. Guaranteed.

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Good Luck and Happy Investing.

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