The Four Step Process of Buying Property Like a Pro. #31

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When you’re trying to buy a property, it’s critical to create multiple offers. Just throwing cash at the problem will end up costing you quite a bit in the end.

However, if the seller wants to retain control of the property so they know payments will be made, there are still a few options to create cash flow from the property:

  1. Buy the property — This should always be the first choice for property acquisition.
  2. A lease-option — Also known as a “rent-to-own”, this gives the owner of the option the choice to buy the property down the road at today’s price.
  3. A master lease — This will allow you to sublease the property for more than what you’re paying the owner.
  4. An option on the property — This is a right to buy the property sometime in the future for today’s price.

Give the seller every opportunity to help you make money.