Tricks Of The Trade

28 of the Best Kept Rehabbing Secrets Used by the Pros Today

This course contains over 177 pages of different ways how you can control any contractor like they were a small child.

This is a course filled with exciting ideas and strategies so you will always be in total control and in charge of your rehab projects.

  • You will learn how to prevent any contractor from ever being paid money for work they haven’t completed and haven’t earned yet.
  • You will never have to be intimidated by a contractor again.
  • Forget about being intimidated by the contractor thinking you don’t know anything about rehabbing and they are a licensed contractor.

Once you read this manual, that will never happen to you again. Never give a contractor the upper-hand again, and be able to enjoy the fact that they will never know that you already know their tricks and can stop them before they get their hands into your wallet.

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